Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Mixed Bag...

While we were at Geneva last year, missus decided to pick up a new hobby while Little One slept during his naps. Also, since this was easily available, it was only natural to ... crochet!
What she was planning to accomplish...
At Little One's favourite park, there is this sand pit. So naturally...

Hmmmm... It's so boring. They hardly move!
Naturally as well, Little One's other favourite location - Ludotheques.
Wheeeeeee... so many toys!!!
I wanna help my Mummy and Daddy cook....
All by myself.
Hmmmmm... What's this Pasta?
Missus's crochet scarf getting longer now.
Dum de dum...
Autumn's here... So yellow!
Don't I look cute? Don't I???
My favourite pastimes... sitting on a swing.
I'm going down the ramp...
Wheeeeee... Actual Pinecone.
Here's something I will never see in Malaysia.
Self service checkout at the Migros Supermarket. So cool and easy too! If only it was available here in MY. Just Scan, Slot in your credit card. Enter Pin. Done!
If only I had a house like this...
See, I'm playing with my friend.
Hiding, but not so good at it.
The day TPG aka public transport in Geneva went on strike. Normally, this tram/bus stop will be filled with people. Today... empty.
No Service.
See the masses of people walking? Yes, yours truly also had to make that trek ...
View from WHO looking towards the Jura mountains.
Getting more impressive.
Where's everybody?
Ratatouille anyone?
There's this Christmas food market @ PlainPalais on Sunday's. And so, after church service on Sunday, we made a bee-line for them.
Certainly, there was all kinds of food available.

Uruguayan Burger anyone?

Strawberry and Blueberries anyone?
One of the many things a tourist should do is to take these boat rides across the lake. Now, you can walk across the many bridges, but it's fun to take these rides as well.
Sadly, Little One didn't quite like it...

A crochet car!
Baklava anyone?
Our mini Christmas Tree... or ornament
Even this little character gets a Christmas decoration!
Our little 'Christmassy' Feel...
Checking out your purchases Little One?
Mummy made this Garage out of recycled materials, namely boxes during Little One's nap time to go with his 'Bolides'. Cute eh?

These tracks are meant for a certain Vehicle Playset, but we found that it could fit this Bolides.
And add them together with the Garage, what do you have? :)

But let's face it, with Little One, it doesn't stay to it's form for long...
Sunrise over the Alps during winter.

A figure 8...
Mickey molds to drive Little One bonkers with delight.
Our home cooked pasta
I got poisoned by my Supervisor while working in HQ. He wanted this: Its a Lego Mindstorm. Say whaaaaaat? It's basically a Lego set that is part robotic, programmable and reconstuctable many times over. After some research, I found out that it was easily 1/3 cheaper than buying this in Malaysia. So, I procured one...
Our Christmas Tree log from Manor. If you were to based it on looks, it'll fail. But eating wise, yummy.
Little One had a Christmas present from Aunty Marguerite in Geneva.
With some help, the paper was opened and watch him go...

Wow, what's that?
It's a multi tier track with 2 cars.
At this point, he enjoyed the cars more...
Once 90% constructed, this is what it looks like. Thanks Marguerite!
So where are we now?
It looks so lonely! But in a good way.
And what the heck is this???
Seriously, don't try... unless you can tahan the many seeds!!! Otherwise, it reminds me of cucumber. It's a South African fruit.
We're at Aunty Dragi's house!
Cold snowy days...
A puzzle foam for Little One's bath time in the tub
Officially, there are another 4 sets that you can build if you visit Lego's site. But also on the same site, there are many more that you can rebuild your Mindstorm into.

Hello Wall-E!
And R2-D2
A racing truck which I didn't quite enjoy that much as to control it via the supplied Infrared Controller, you need to toggle a switch to control the steer it. Basically, that one switch has to be toggle separately to drive it forwards/backwards and toggle again to steer it left/right.
A bulldozer
As you can see, all of the above come from the SAME parts in the box. You just disassemble and reassemble them again. Instructions are available online from Lego's site. Now, how cool it that when compared to other sets that is build just to a max of 3 times? :)

The finished product that my son loved so much... if you can see it. 

The End.

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