Monday, July 13, 2015

Our Little Garden

So what got our little one so interested in flowers? Simple! Mummy's balcony transformation.
 You see, Missus decided that if and when weather permits, little one should have some fun 'outside'. So, after a careful research and some deliberations, this is what she came up with...

And so, we've got Petunia's, Fittonia's, Coleus's, Palms, Curry Tree...
 With a host of windmills to entertain his eyesight as well.

 And take our attention or anybody's one (for that matter) away from that alleyway sight!
 It had rain the night before...

 Look who decided to make this is permanent home?
 And this is how you nurse a sick Fittonia! :)
 Using some recycleble materials, Mummy dearest decided on some labelling.
 Ladybugs come a-calling?
 "I love you too"
 Taking ideas of other people, we decided to put to good use those cd's... and the beads? They came from Spotlight...
 So, does it work? Greatly! Or rather, too greatly for everytime we leave the curtains and window blinds open to admire the handiwork, it entices my little one to pay it a visit...

Needless to say also, Ikea's furnishings are used here:
a) Socker Plant Stand (Corner); and
b) Ikea PS 2014

The End.

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