Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Of Playgrounds, Jkids and Haenim Slide

A few days after we came back from Geneva, Little One was needing new clothes. So we ended up in Curve and lo-behold! Outside Borders was this toddler playground. Which reminded him and us a little of the time gone by not so long ago... in what seemed like a Galaxy so far away.

Needless to say, he had a ball of time while he was there.

Some time later, we decided to take him to JKids @ Tropicana as Mummy dearest needed some time off to cut her hair. Definitely toddler and child friendly as just about everywhere is padded in case of accidental falls, slides, etc.

"Hi There"!

Balls, balls and more balls!!!

However, he got sick with Flu some few days after. So, we're exactly sure children his age should go in as one can't tell what bugs may lie. But that's the risks one takes...
But still nothing beats his favourite... Swings. So we went a little playground hunting around our neighbourhood.
As you can see, the seat isn't meant for his age.
This has more safety for him, but still... big.

And so, we decided that unfortunately, not all of the time, he'll get to go out and have fun on slides and swing as in Malaysia, it's sooooo dependant on the:
a) weather (rain, thunderstorms or intense heat)
b) haze
c) dirtiness
d) state of equipment
So therefore, we decided to get him his own slide!

Which later evolve to have a cozy corner...

The slide was bought online from Rakuten, a South Korean brand called Haenim. It's DIY aka fix it yourself, but construction is really sturdy even though held up by plastic screws. Materials are hard and looks it can handle for many years what my son will slide or throw down it... :D

The End.

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