Monday, May 11, 2015

At Geneva Airport's Playroom

One of the simple little things that we have come to appreciate in a developed country is this: A playroom for toddlers. Imagine you've got a hyper active child and getting him/her to sit still while you wait for your flight or if they are waiting for other people, then definitely somebody's temper will give up!

So over here, up on the 1st floor, is a playroom. As our Geneva to Istanbul flight was delayed by almost 60mins, we figured it was best to let our little one tire himself out and let him enjoy himself before facing endless hours of getting locked up in a steel tube with him!

Daddy, Mummy, "Let me cook something for you..."

What's missing is either water ... or sand!

As you can see, he's the only kid there... but then again, it's around 7pm...

And finally, after countless hours, an Amazing Race of our own, a hot aircraft and endless hours of not being able to sleep, we're finally H.O.M.E!!! Home sweet home. Oh how we missed you! :)

The End.

Note: Photos were taken by my wife's Samsung Galaxy S4.

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