Thursday, March 5, 2015


So where are we heading off to amongst those snowy fields?
That's right, Montreux.
That tells you just how much of snow this train will trudge through to get you to it's destination, which is right at the top on those mountains overlooking Montreux.
Looks like nice and comfy, this coach.
Train Station
That's where we're staying for the night and as usual, a playground park for My Little One; which is just next to it.
"Hello booooooy!"
So Riviera like, yes?
Boat ride anyone?

Looking back where we walked from...
"Hi Freddy, please meet our Little One...!"
If you came here for the famous Montreux Christmas Market, this is where it'll be at.

Can you imagine driving on that elevated expressway? And what views you'll be getting???
I can't (for the life of me) remember what these are for... Will have to ask my beloved if she can remember...

You want to stay up there?

Fire Dragon!
Stravinsky conducting away
Left Parrot: Do you see any food?
Right Parrot: Food? What? Where?
Sunset over Lake Geneva...

And sunrise...
What are you contemplating, luv?

And finally, we visited Chateu De Chillion (Switzerland's most famous Castle).
The End.

P/S - 3 photos were taken via my Xperia Z3, care to guess which were the ones? :)

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