Monday, January 19, 2015

Quick Sights in Lyon, France

We were in Lyon for the Star Wars Identities. And so, here are some quick site photos that I managed to get prior to us leaving.

That dominating structure on the hill top is Notre Dame... and nearby are Roman Theatres and Ruins. Certainly would love to visit those one day...

Anybody up for a river cruise?

Nothing much really as time was short and we were rushing to catch the train back to Geneva (sort off) which ended up getting cancelled and ... what a mess later on! But that's for another post... someday, if I can remember.

Missus couldn't resist...

The following were taken with my Z3 mobile:

Arriving in Lyon with a TGV ride.
 But before that, Little One deciding that he wanted to help us... and that meant pilfering Mummy's comb from the luggage bag.
 This was nicely taken by a Security Escort for us... after we had attended the exhibition.
 And not so far away, or rather down the road is a shopping mall called: Confluence
 Obviously, Moi couldn't resist since it's made out of ...
 Lego bricks!
 The mall is an open air mall. In short, nil air conditioning or heating at all, except in the outlets. All else, it's going to be cccccoooold in Winter but should be nice and breezy in Summer since it's next to the Saone River.
 We had turned on the telly to find something to entertain My Little One while we packed. Instead, we ended up with this since we had to skip church service to pack and leave the hotel and make it back to GVA. Not a bad experience one must add...
 Electric bicycles for rental anyone?
 One of my criteria's for accommodation is a park: And just around the corner from the Best Western is this toddler friendly park. Naturally, Little One should be given some time to enjoy himself...
 *sigh* My son... the girl magnet...
 These daughters must have really wished for a brother...!
 If you're like us staying, going to put up at the Best Western, best to get off at Suchet... Below is the view from the stops.
 Looking towards Lyon-Perrache Station
 Happy to go home? At Gare Part-Dieu

 I had booked the French TER service to get back to GVA from Lyon. Well guess what? It got cancelled. And so, after 30mins of not knowing what was happening, suddenly free tickets were given to GVA.

Now, knowing that there would be a made scramble by everyone to get onboard the next train, I decided to book and pay the extra in order to ensure we got seats or otherwise, this will happen as below:
 Yep, everybody sitting wherever they can find space on the following train, which in this case was the TGV... Corridors. Landing. Stairs. It's like India... just slightly more civillised!

The End.

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