Tuesday, January 6, 2015

CERN and other sides in Geneva

There are obviously 2 churches that one needs to visit while in Geneva - Notre Dame and St Peters. So here is moi's family spending some time at Notre Dame.

Hmmmm... What's Mummy and Little One up to?
Wheeeeeeee... One of My Little One's favourite past times!
Dear Saw Hua, Thanks for spending some time with us and taking us to the nearby park which My Little One enjoyed immensely.
And also spending lunch with us in an insane place...
Out near the lighthouse in Lake Geneva!
Imagine exercising to this view...
So where are we off too now?

Old choo choo? Not really. Touriset choo choo that runs on tyres.
CERN? Really?
How cute can this get?
That's right. CERN baby!!! Yeaaaaaaaah...
As usual, Little One's more interested in other things...
Mummy: Don't touch it!
Little One: Yaaaaaayyyyyyyyy...
"I shall now gather my forces and conquer the world!!!"
Pity that we're unable to visit the LHC though. But they do have loads of information to digest and some of these exhibits are actually like a mini science fair.
Did we go down or not? :)
The following explains the different colliders that they have. Hope you're able to read them.

I think this is a real deal.. and if it is... wow...
Look at all those resistors!!! And that's like only a small fraction of it!

Little One: See, I was @ CERN!

CERN is actually on the border and this tram 18 that one takes to get there, stops right in front of it; or rather in the middle of it as CERN has 2 parts. The exhibits and...
This globe thingy.

Whooooaaaaa... Groovy baby.
Every 30mins, there is a presentation that one should stay and watch as it uses almost all the walls in this hall. It's also having some 3D effect on audio for spatial surround. Pretty cool.
So that's what's this Globe called!
The End.

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