Thursday, January 22, 2015


Carouge. A suburb of Geneva and easily accessible by either Tram 18 or 12. So what's so great about it?

You'll see in a minute.

But first, after attending church service, we headed over for lunch @ La Cuccagna. Why La Cuccagna? Well, it's the only restaurant (besides the Asian and we weren't particularly keen on Asian food - am sure you can guess why) opened on a Sunday... in Carouge; after wondering around aimlessly!
 Look at all those wood! Exudes an old rustic charm for this place.
 Little One having some fun with a straw...
 Can you see what I see?
 And we get some entertainment while dining...
 The house speciality pizza... Forgot what it was called.
 Does this buildings look familiar?
 Carouge has Mediterranean influences. And so, for me having spending Christmases or Chinese New Year in Penang, reminds me of those old wooden windows with the same style. Only they are more taken care of here than letting to rot or have those buildings demolished all in the name of development!

 Yes, trams go through here.
 Like below. Will this EVER happen in KL???

 Holy Cross Church @ Carouge
 And while we were there, the choir was practising and it was so pleasant to just sit down and listen...

 Just before leaving Carouge, we couldn't resist letting Little One have fun with the autumn fallen leaves...
 Now, Carouge, during the Christmas season, has it's own marketplace aka Christmas Market. So deck out in the open is this massive Christmas Tree...
 Can you see me? :p
 It's famous square.
The End.

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