Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Star Wars - Identities in Lyon, France!

Oh wow... What have we have here???
 Missus saw the advert on a tram... and so, of course, we have to go, riiiiiight???

What's that on Moi's head? :)
 The queue which is really sloooooooow to clear as they have this 5 mins briefing which almost nobody listens too or just passes by...
 Ooooh. Check out those buns!

 You have these wristlets much like Fitbit which activates certain portions in the exhibition area which makes it more 'interactive'.
 So you just hold it close to any of those characters and it activates it along with an audio guide that is given to you much earlier.
 But missus and I aren't really interested in the audio thingy. You should have figured that out by now. We are more into props and so here we gooooo...

 Does my beanie look familiar to something else? Missus crochet it!

Here is the link that missus took from if you're interested to make it.

Real life? Looks like it...
 Mummy, Daddy: I wanna fly it!
 Oooooh... Slave Leia...
 Poor Hans.

 Scary eyes?

 As this leans more towards Identities, or rather characters, hence, you have quite a lot of details on how the characters came about.

 Going on lightspeed!
 Missus and her idol.
 Falcon up and away!

 Look at those helmets!

In terms of props, there isn't much. Which is quite disappointing as we both came away from Art Of Star Wars many eons ago much more impressed. As I said earlier, this is more on Identities, hence characters which is supposed to give you a more interactive experience, and a very active experience as well due to the 'Fitbit' wristlet thingy.

So if you have time and would like to see how you would stand in this character Star Wars world, then this is for you.

And if by any chance you are interested to see what AoSW had: see here
(I can't believe my old photo sharing site is still up and running!!!)

The End.

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