Tuesday, December 16, 2014

St Peter's Cathedral and a preview of Escalade

Now, why is this person dressed in medieval clothes?

It's Escalade! See here for more details
"Nobody's looking... I'll just quickly throw this out of the window..."
Maidens anyone? Naaaaah... They are going around selling Lapel Pins.
Where shall we storm?
It's certainly a very festive atmosphere here that features 2 days of fun (Saturday & Sunday).
Now, what are these? Along with the Festivities of the Escalade, St Peter's Cathedral takes advantage of it's rich history since creation.

So below, is a booth explaning the tools and stones used to build it.
And when you have a huge building, how do you know which stone goes where?
Easy: You mark it!

So how big is it? It's huge and it dwarfs everything else around. Not too mention it's tall tower and spire.
We look very small don't we, Little One?
Does this look like a door out of Harry Potter??? :)

15th Century Choir Stalls... But isn't this cute?
Pipe Organ at the back of the cathedral.
Any clues like in National Treasure?
Long nave... But huge, no?
Look at them massive doors.
Mummy, can I sit here?
In the 15th Century Choir Stalls, in the seats, you have these ... carved figures. It's so small this horizontal seat and these cute carved figures on each and every seat. And they are all different, seat to seat.
Whoooo... somebody's buried here. I'll leave it to you to Google this person. Hint: His name may seem very similiar to a group of riders in LOTR trilogy.
Now, what is this so colourful up in the ceiling?
Read this:
It's a really beautiful chapel with lovely and colourful stain glasses.

Mummy, Daddy: I think I can open these doors. Let me try!
Reminds us of those columns in Athens, but nowhere as large, but still huge nonetheless.
Under St Peters, is an archaelogical site.

Really reminds me of National Treasure.

Die you Savoy's!!!
The End.

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