Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Following his visit to the train station, it would be inevitable that a train ride would be done soon after!
So here we are, taking a train ride to ...
So this is what the inside of these Swiss Precision On-Time trains are... Quite Comfy!
We decided to the next big Town along the Geneva to Zurich line; in this case, Nyon.

But first, lunch. Yummy pasta and the house's speciality too!
Little One taking his cars for a ride along as well... or are they his audience?
Mummy's boring lunch... Poor Mummy, having to take the boringest in case Little One didn't like his. But in the end...
What a wonderful view? Where are we?
It's called Chateau De Nyon. Read more about it here

Like other castles, its big and imposing and certainly one of the many castles that are in Switzerland. Heck, almost every town/city has one!
And the views... Glorious!

And oh, by the way, we are going to walk to down there... from up here, the parapets.
But first, what is this? What is this glass monstrosity? It's a lift to the parking lots. Very ingenious...
Can you see the Chateau in the background?
Wheeeeee... Wine Shrubs! The closest I'll ever get!
And like most town/cities on Lake Geneva, look at the boats...
Another side of Lake Geneva.
What's in there Little One?
And along the way back up from the Lake to the train station, we came across a Catholic Church.
Pretty eh?
And while we were there, the organist was pratising away so we enjoyed listening to the Pipe Organ.
Quite steep but no-where matching the World Famous Dunedin Steep Street though.
The End.

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