Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Do you Fondue?

One of the things that you have to eat here while in Switzerland for the winter is Fondue, which contains loads of Cheese in a hot soupy dish which is kept hot the whole time. Winter right? You need to be hot and warm. So...

And best to wash down with Wine therafter.

I'm supposed to have taken photos of the Fondue, but due to absentmindedness, I have forgotten it all!
The heater in the middle of the room.
Thanks Jan for organising this!
And one of the interesting things about these Fondue places, if that some of the just sprout up! But as I understand it, this is one of the better ones. So, there we were at eating Fondue in this tent, near the UN offices (Grand Saconnex).
Anybody interested in a game of Ice Hockey or some Ice Skating?
The End.

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