Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pre and Post 17 Months - Walking, Watermelon and Ralphie Award

It would be just a matter of time before we let Little One start walking in a shopping mall; needless to say, it would obviously be in our favourite neighbourhood mall... 

I guess, he's into Lego's like his Daddy? :)
 Yummy! Watermelon... this boy will happily consume a lot of it!
 Hello There!
 "I don't like what my Mummy and Daddy are scheming...!"
 But I Love them anyway...
 Oh! What is this... Hmmm. I'll just take a bite and see...
 "I would like to thank my Mummy and Daddy for this Ralphie award..."
FYI, Ralphie is what we nicknamed his Giraffe Squeeker Toy.

 My son's new way of watching TV... I personally have no idea whether to be amused or ...!
The End.

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