Friday, July 4, 2014

A tale of 2 Gates, Sponge Cake and What's Coming Next...

Little One as we all know, loves cakes that Mummy bakes. In his eyes, she can't do no wrong...
So, here we now have, Sponge Cake!
Yum yum!

 "Let ... Me ... In!!!"
 As Little One started walking more recently, it was only a matter of time before we had to get Safety Gates to keep him out of locations we don't want him to be in; i.e. Kitchen and Store Room.

And so, not really sure how they are installed, the Store Room was used as my Guinea Pig for installation. We bought Lindam (UK) from our locally frequented baby outlet called, The Baby Outlet (!) in Tropicana Mall.
 These pressure mounting cups extend almost 5-7 cm's on either side of the gate. So one has to take into consideration how much further they can extend as well.
 As you can see, the handle it thick and big. The good thing is that, it's quite hard for a child to open as you need to depress the mechanism (blue parts) before lifting up the handle. For this, a child will require 2 hands. For an adult, one would need the same amount of hands, but you can perform this act single handedly from your left hand (or right)... if you know how...

Advantage? It's almost a 2 handed operation job and it doesn't auto swing shut which can be an advantage in certain conditions.
Disadvantage? If you only have 1 hand free... :) And no auto swing shut when you want it to? Ah well, can't have it all, right?
 The 2nd gate came from another company called DreamBaby, which is Australian based. Now, this gate is easier and very aptly used for our kitchen. Reason? You can use it with single hand, and it auto swings to close.

Cons? The Open switch feels ... loose, but it doesn't feel like it would come off any time. To open, one would have to slide the switch, and LIFT the gate up. Why lift the gate up?
 THAT's why. You have this protruding bit at the bottom of the gate. It pops up when the gate locks in, and when you want to open, as it's 'down', you would thus need to lift the gate up ...
 Either gate can't get you wrong. They have their pros and cons.

Now, what's this? WHAT's missus up to???
 The inside. Nice sewing, eh?
 Oh la la...

Costuming? All to be revealed soon...!

The End.

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