Tuesday, June 3, 2014

15 Months On...

Little One has taken a fancy to Mummy dearest Banana Cake. And with banana's coming in fresh from Tawau, it's a recipe for how much one can keep in one's house when only yours truly will consume it ...as is!

Thankfully, we decided earlier to get a microwave that has oven/convection function which thus allows Missus to bake. And so here it is...
"What's this again?"
Never mind. It'll just go into my mouth... like almost everything else! :p
Now .. what is this... on MY feet???
Uuuugh. How do you remove it???
"Oh. That's what it's used for eh?"
"Look at me! I'm walking...albeit with some help..."
Dearest toddler still loves to crawl. You should watch him go! But sadly, it's also time for him to learn how to walk. And so, these shoes are definitely made for walking! :)

The End.

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