Friday, April 25, 2014

Post 13 Months...

A while back, when dear Little One didn't decide to go on Hunger Strikes (presumably due to teething), he was happily trying out Plums!

"Can't a boy enjoy his food without YOU taking my photo Daddy???"
 Sitting like a Mafia Boss... in his new car seat which I recently bought from Anakku. Guess he likes it a lot for him to sit like that. Okay, the leg folding? That was our doing. But, he naturally sat straight and hands (on the side) and legs down... :)

For RM399 (I got it on promotion @ 299), it's actually quite light and nicely padded. Judging by his happiness, it's a good buy. And the best thing? It's a harness which comes attached with a lap belt thus ensuring that while he can remove his shoulder belts, the lap belt will still keep him bolted down. (Thanks Azmel for the tip on this!)

The End.

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