Monday, April 7, 2014

13 Months onwards...!

Trying to teach a toddler how to brush his/her teeth is a real challenge. More so, when they have their own ideas on how to use certain things.

So it was with great amusement and excitement when Little One took to this easily... when compared to the rest that we have bought for him.
 As you can see, he's happily using it without us even having to do anything!
 One end toothbrush...
 The other end? A teether! Oh, it costs around RM10. You can find this @ Anakku.

You can see it here:
 It's been a while but dear baby has been actively chowing down a variety of food.

(Seen here consuming Yoghurt - Milkana Kidz)

From lovingly made home made pancakes and crepes to banana cake (all cooked/baked by dearest Mummy and those baked were with a Sharp Microwave that had an Oven function! Not bad...) and just very recently, Orange!
 Needless to say, quite a lot of work had to be done prior to feeding him just the pulps!
 But, and as it's the most important, he loves it. :)
All eaten...

He's also at this age where his Car Seat has started to be outgrown by him. And so, for extremely short trips, we got him this:
It is by no means 100% replacement for a PROPER car seat, but as we had 2 cars, and moving the seat isn't going to be easy not to mention simple. This contraption instead is hook under the headrest of the seat along with a strap that goes around the car's seat itself. It certainly wouldn't offer much protection but in my mind, better to have him inside on of these than to have him roaming around in the back!

It costs only RM50 and as can be seen, it s a product of Anakku. Obviously, it's a wee bit too big for him...but...

And finally, before I bid adieu...
My son's new style of sleeping... sigh.

The End.

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