Wednesday, December 11, 2013

SeeBaby QQ2 Stroller Review amongst other things at 9 Months

Crossing into 9 months and soon 10, he's getting to be quite a character.

"Mummy, Daddy. I'll help clean my cot bars, k?"
 Hmmmm... One is Big and Round and Fat. The other is thin, light and ...
 "What's up???"
 Now, as most parents know, strollers are a blessing and a bane. Blessing coz when you want your baby to sleep or he/she is too heavy, you use it... BUT, they can be huge and bulky and practically take up all of the!

However the real reason why we got this was simply because sometimes, yours truly has to park at a distance from his house complex. So carrying a 9kilo on a hand isn't easy...

Therefore, we toyed with the idea of those seat+stroller combo but it's heavy and just cumbersome.
 After some investigating, we came across this: SeeBaby QQ2. As you can see from above, the footprint is just thin! Think of this stroller as AirAsia (Low Frills) vs Malaysia Airlines (Fully Loaded) and you get the idea.

Outgoes the padding, cup seats, back/bag hooks, huge wheels, suspension, complex locks, etc...
 In the end, it's thin. Light (circa below 3 kilos). Heck, I can even use a finger to hold this up when fully folded!
The downsides? The biggest one is due to it's small wheels. As such, every rough surface (bumps et all) is transmitted upwards and felt by the occupant.
The 2nd major downside is that when you're shopping, you can place bags onto the handles of your regular stroller. Here, it's not possible and if you did, it might just topple backwards as it's that light!

On the plus side,!!! I kid you not! And you get your boot back. And it costs around RM120++.

I think those reasons are enough WHY we got one as most of the time, he'll be in a shopping mall for quick trips, and we can now ALL have our cake and eat it! :)

The End.


adrian said...

Hi there. I just bought one from GM Plaza Klang also to supplement my bulky stroller. Just imagine my bulky stroller having hard time fitting into the small luggage compartment of our Exora MPV (with the 3rd row raised up). I had to fit nicely before i can close the trunk door nicely. And it took up almost 95% of the luggage space.
For this one, yes, its really very lightweight and compact. Thats what i want. I dont want it to waste valueable bootspace.

The only downside is that if i want to take that stroller downwards the escalator, have to be extra cautious. First time i got it, my baby nearly slide down. Must wear the seatbelt.
Also because it very light, if i strap my baby napsack at the handle bar, it may topple over if the baby's weight is too light. And finally, folding is abit difficult but need to get used to it.

Overall, still highly recommend it for frequent parent travellers like us.

kwan said...

Nice of you to add your comment on this.

Yes, definitely, those are the major caveats and now that I am here in Geneva for 3 months posting with WHO, it's really a blessing when I see all those poor parents struggling with the huge oversize buggies and my extremely small compact one next to it! :p

I will certainly write something on this... if it survives it's 3 months stay here in Geneva's cobbles/roads/pavement, etc... :)

kwan said...

We came back not so long ago and this stroller has certainly survived through quick changes at airports, rain, snow, sleet, fog, cobblestone and gravel roads.

For RM100++, this is a heavenly steal!!! Not too mention, making our lives so much easier when you can actually fold it and place it up in the luggage section in SBB trains in GVA where we sit!

Hooi See said...

we are thinking of getting the QQ3 for our trip to Japan cos' I'm looking for a lightweight stroller. Would u guys recommend it?


kwan said...

Hooi See,
Sorry for the late reply.

I assume that Japan's roads and walkways will be much much smoother than what we have endured and as such, its small little wheels shouldn't have any problems. We bought this stroller more due to its compact size to fit into our small car. But we loved it so much, we used it for everything else!

As mentioned, there is no padding. So your little one might not find it very comfortable but that can be solved with some clothes placed under them. Sleeping would/might be another issue.
But if you're willing to look past these few minor inconvenience over it's lightness and simplicity, then you can't go wrong. :)

Have a good trip!

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