Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas in KK, Sabah

It's Christmas time and dear baby is heading back to the island that he was born on; but instead of Tawau, we are heading off to Kota Kinabalu, where Grandma's house is located...
We have since Little One's birth decided that for certain reasons, MAS would be his official airline carrier as it's just a bit more cumbersome to use AirAsia. Actually, we don't and can't entertain the idea of walking so far as well as carrying him up and down those flight of stairs to the aircraft doors.
Imagine if it was raining... I'll pay a wee bit more, thank you very much!
So here we are in KKIA. Just one word of MAS's 737. On row 8, where ABC is, there is no window. So... But on the plus side, the newly refitted ones come with inflight entertainment. Yay - depends on whether you have time to  watch which unlike us, the first thing we did was to search for Mickey Mouse cartoons!!! :p

Sadly, there were only 2. Ah well...

We were quite afraid that during his bath time, we wouldn't have an appropriate tub for him. Thankfully, this one fitted him just find!
A future child musician? Prodigy? Let's not get our hopes up too fast, shall we...???
"I'll only let my Grandma cut my nails...!"
Nap time with Grandma.
Coincidentally, on the 24th was his 10th month birthday. So...

He's excited! But then again, he's easily excited...!
"Let me at it, let me at it!"
"I'll cut my OWN cake, thank you very much"
Getting a taste of his 10th month cake which is Black Forest.
For Christmas mass, we went to a local Catholic church. Lovely choir.
Picture time.
The Nativity scene.
Grandma as ...???
Scary right?
Grandma happily strutting around in her Master's robes.
And just like that, it's time to head on home! That was fast!

Goodby KK. We'll come and visit you again... next year! :)

The End.

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