Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Burger King Heat Activated Hobbit 2 Mugs

Missus and I decided that in the spirit of Christmas, this would be our Christmas Mugs. I know, we're definitely not conventional! :p

But hey, they are different and special...
 So only with hot water, will it change. And it's got to be above 45C or so the box says.

 Bilbo's theme mug.

 We got 2. So here's the 2nd one.
 Now what/who can this be?

 And Thorin.
The images stay on on the mug for quite some time and it is quite fun to see in appear.

How long this can be kept up due to frequent washing, we have no idea.

But it's fun while it lasts.

Sadly and understandably, Legolas mug was sold out when I set forth to purchase.
The final mug is a map. Not too sure what it is tho.

You can get these mugs (if they are still available) for RM6.90 without having to purchase anything from Burger King...

The End.

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