Monday, November 4, 2013

This is a bit late for the event itself... but it's Little One's FIRST Halloween attendance at Las Carretas, Jln Semantan, KL.
 And as you can see, he's having his ... dinner. Yup, one of the requirements for us is to have his and our dinner early. Which also means that we have to leave early in order for him to meet his bedtime of 2030H. Sad, but what choice have we got? And so, we brought his Food Warmer+Dinner+Spoons+Bibs+you get the picture... :)

Tinkerbell must be going... "Óh! They are sooooo ... pretty!"
 Now, I wish for...
 Think Little One will be a good Orator?
 Care to guess what we're dressed as? Hint... something from a children's classic story. An all time favourite that has it's share of movies, cartoons and musical too!
 But looks who's come a calling...! Snow White! (Thanks Rachel for coming early to meet up with us!)

And obviously my son's fingers going where they shouldn't be going... :p
 Oh No! Captain Hook has gotten the Darlings'!
 And Little One thinking his teddy can help save the day...
Hah! Pan isn't to save you!!!
And the reason is because Pan was busy being seduced by the wicked witch!
 Who also tried to have a go with Captain Hook!
 Sadly, by then, we had to make our exit in order to meet Little One's bedtime curfew...

In any case, a Thank You to Andy and Jaime for organising this and also to Las Carretas for allowing our dinner to be cooked and served to us early...

The End.

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