Thursday, November 14, 2013

8 Months and Splashing Around...

During a recent Halloween party, a gift was given to Little One (Thanks King!)
 It was a Mini Jack O Lantern LED.
 Needless to say, he was very fascinated as it changed colours... and kept on staring at it for some time.

Until he decided it was safe to make his move...

 And have the usual mouth test! :p
"I'll do it this way, thank you very much!"
 "Hi, Hi... Look at me!"
 "Wouldn't you come and join me in here?"
 And not so many weeks after he managed to stand in his cot, he found a way to stand in his Playpen... even with the absence of ANYTHING to help him to stand! So here he is, hanging on ... after he managed to stand up.
 I guess yogurt isn't on his list of favourite foods then... judging by his reaction.
 Bath time! Some time after he had managed to sit up, he's actually been enjoying his bath time. Trow in a toy, and he'll happily play in there...

We use the Karibu Collapsible Bath Tub, i.e. if you look at the tub, the ridges are where it collapses on itself and in the end, what you get is a flat piece of plastic and rubber. The Legs are folded back down as well.
So for us, living in a confined space, this tub is one of the best investment we have ever purchased. :)

For more, refer to Karibu's Website

 As evidence by him learning to splash water around.

 And for my missus 30th Birthday, she decided to have a go at making a Non Bake Cheesecake.
Well, actually, the main reason was that we needed to finish up that yogurt that we had bought for Little One which he didn't like and so...

This is the result.
 Yummy yes?
"Wouldn't you come and have a piece?"
Sure luv...!

The End.

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