Thursday, October 17, 2013

7 Months

At 7 months, we started having Andrew watch some cartoons. And his favourite? Mickey Mouse. More specifically Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It's colourful, quite entertaining and immersive as well as they sometimes actually ask you to participate too.
And so, we have a very engrossed baby...

Remember I said Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ONLY? We tried others aka classic Mickey Mouse cartoons and he got too scared and terrified. And so, he started whimpering when his favourite character was threatened by a Giant...
Also on his 7th month birthday, we got him a baby chair as we noticed that he had started to be able to sit up and was grabbing for anything that was heading towards his mouth.

In short, he's ready to start on a very interesting journey of ... FOOD.
And so, we got a Graco Baby Chair from Babyland which is collapsible when not in used. Plus the cover is a plasticky and easily cleaned, removable via snap on buttons. And so is the baby tray which is easily cleaned even after we have neglected to wash it after a day!

"I'm very happy with my chair!!!"
"Gimme more, gimme, gimme!!!"
The End.

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