Monday, October 7, 2013

6 Months On...

Dear baby has been very active and hence, keeping our hands full in protecting him and not to mention entertaining him as well...

"Hi There! Look at me... I'm up on my fours..."
And I'm also attempting to stand... if you'll help me.
What are YOU looking at???
We got a lot of presents courtesy of Cat's Uncle Gordon, Aunty Christine and Cousin Sonia from UK!

And here he is having a book read to him.
One new thing we decided to try with him was Farley's Rusks. It's like a biscuit and well, he certainly likes it a lot. We later found out that it's quite crumbly and of course, since it can be dissolved in water or EBM, probably that explains it's crumblyness!

What's this?
I'll just taste it and see as per my usual SOP.
Hmmmm... its not so bad.
Can't a baby have an enjoyable time with his food without you (dear daddy) taking so many piccies???!
We later found out that there's 2 kinds of Farley's Rusks; the biscuit version as above and the harder version which is like a bread stick. Now that one, has annoyed the living daylights out of my son as no matter how much he had chewed on, it just wouldn't break apart!

So right now, as he's only had one, we can't really comment much... :)

The End.

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