Monday, August 12, 2013

Did someone leave the Drool Tap ON??? Plus BumbleBee's Playpen

We were bracing for this, but not to this extent. As the website called Dr Sears mentions, Did someone leave the Drool Faucet On? It's amazing how much of drool and how fast he can wet a towel totally!

Maybe that's why he's feeding so frequently as in almost hourly from poor Mummy... leaving her quite dehydrated!

"What's up Daddy?"
 For a toy that he never really bothered...until now. And that too we chucked it into the fridge as per Google's advise. Wonder of wonders, he actually like it now!
 Soothing to his painful gums, no doubt!
 I guess that also explains why he had a sudden Low Grade Fewer a few days ago. Unlucky us!
 Yes, Mummy dearest was also trying to educate dear baby ...

I wonder what he's thinking? Loony Mummy???!
 And so, with loads of drooling and pain, it also meant frequent feeds from dear Mummy and loads of irritability coming from him. Not to mentioned neediness as well. It's going to be a very looooong and arduos process... hopefully not!

Now, this toy has been hanging from his car seat handle bar for ages, ever since we went to Sandakan on his first flight. And now, finally, after many moons, he has started to be entertained by it!

Will wonders never cease! :p
 This is something that we've been contemplating for some time. Should we, shouldn't we? But since he seems to be running out of space on his Ikea cot to turn, this Square AND Collapsible Playpen retailing at RM399 from Bumblebee seems to solve some answers for limited space owners!

Unlike most playpens which are rectangular, this one's square. Which makes it easier for him to turn. Which also means either it takes up more space (for him) or less space in our house. But it also does come with wheels on one side. So that means
It comes with a carrying bag once you have totally collapse it unto itself. So how big is it once completely folded? Think of a normal size stroller when fully folded, and that pretty much answers the question.
It does weigh in at almost 10kilos though...

For more info, visit BumbleBee's website here

The End.

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