Thursday, August 1, 2013

A little modification on the Ikea Gulliver baby cot

What do you do when you realised that your cot requires some ... mobility?

You modify it!

So after 1 trial and error (due to the wheels not being supportive enough), we decided to go the heavy duty way.

It is extreme enough? Suffice to say, after 2 weeks, everything is still intact! :)
Basically, the wood was procured from Ace Hardware which is already in that width. I just had to saw them in lengths to fit my legs.
Long screws was used to screw from one block of wood, through the Ikea Gulliver cot leg and to the other side for better stability.
4 screws on 1 side and another 3 going in from the opposite side.
As each castor requires 4 mini screws, hence the 2 extra pieces of wood sandwiching the cot leg. These castors were bought from Ikea and as you can see, that black plastic thing is a wheel brake.

So now, we can put our dear boy into the cot and move him between rooms or from one end of our humongous dining/living hall to the other end.

The End.

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