Wednesday, August 28, 2013

6 Months... Oh...My...Gawd!

It's been a while since I last updated; not least the reason being occupied by a very drooly baby!
Anyway, after checking the reasons and realising it's time for teethering, we went out and bought this blue gel teether for him.
Chucking it into the fridge has it keeping it's coolness longer and as you can see, he's loving it! I just hope he doesn't puncture it!

'What's up Daddy? Can't I CHEW???'
'Why are you looking down on meeeeeeeeee?'
His attempt to sit up. Actually, he cheated coz we placed him in the sit up position and he just stayed as is... albeit with his hands sprayed out to keep him up...before toppling over!
Along with 6 months comes solid food. And on his 6th birthday, we decided to introduce Nestle's Cerelac Rice+Breast Milk to him. As you can see, we were all prepared. Bib. Nappies covering possible food discharge landings...
But in the end, he surprised us by eating it all and not making that much of a fuss. Actually, he was more interested in the spoon than anything else!
And of course, since it's an item that is allowable to enter into his mouth...

Ah well. Happy Baby = Happy Mummy...
Oh no! He's UP on his fours... Heaven help us!!! He's gonna be crawling soon!!!
The End.

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