Saturday, June 29, 2013

Engagement Party - Mark and Clare

While yours truly was back in Tawau, we as in, Moi, Missus, Andrew and Grandma made a trip via MasWings to Sandakan. By road, the journey would have taken many hours. By Air, we were looking at just 40 odd mins...

AND it was dear baby Andrew's 1st flight...

Nope. That's not our flight...
Now THAT's our flight...
Baby still snug? Yup... and we're off...!
Still happily sleeping away!
Even more high tech than the majority of their parent aircraft!

Btw, don't forget to catch Ah Jib Kor's Bobblehead in their in flight security video.
Grandma looking with concern.
Still sleeping away...
And here we are in...

And as you can see, 40mins on, baby is still sleeping!
Now, this is one airport with some very interesting design for arriving passengers...
So here we are, in Clare's house and with Grandma's sister.
Baby still sleeping if you're wondering! :p
So here begins the 'contract'. I'll just read it to you guys and for all to hear!
So let's sign away shall we?
There goes my 2nd child. Left with Melissa only to go! :P
More signing away...

Eh? What's this??? MOI too???

This is what I'm signing my life for...
A little gift exchange.
Let's have them engagement rights now

From the Benedicts to the Tivits

A cake to cut.

And cupcakes to eat.

Yup, it's adorned with our Initials.
In case you were wondering what the gifts were...
A collection of hats.
And now, its back to Tawau. Missus thinking of monkeying around?
Nope. It was dear baby... By the evidence on that cheeky smirk
Must be 'high'
Or not...
Actually, just plain sleepy!
Don't worry little one. We'll be landing soon.
Back in Tawau!

The End.

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