Thursday, June 20, 2013

Andrew finally in KL... for good.

I know, I know. It's been a while since I updated this blog of mine.

Reason? Busy with setting up and moving in into our new house PLUS having my family move themselves from Tawau to KL for good.

So this means, Mummy and Baby are now in KL! Finally!

Here he is in his Ikea cot. We decided it's best to start him on sleeping on his own... He seems okay. :)
 We also got ourselves a Simple Dimple baby gym and since our floor was dirty, it was placed in his cot.
He seems happy to play with it...
 Andrew with his favourite toy...
 I think somewhere in there, my tongue should be able to fit in ...!
 "Now what's that hanging over my head???"
 "Do you like Mummy's pillow?"
 "hmmmm... let me suck on it first!"
 "Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!" By evidence of that grin on his face...
 Now what is my son upto?
 "Stop taking photos of ME, Daddy!!!"
 Fine. If you wouldn't stop... I'll give you this look...
The End.

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