Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Of Breast Feeding, Avent and Medela manual pumps

This is just a little something that we have noticed over the past 80 days.

Its the best form of milk and bonding for both Mother and Baby. However, one needs to be extremely careful with what one consumes as it most probably will pass through and end up in the baby's digestive system...

And so, Chocolates were subsequently banned.
And along with it, Cauliflower, Broccoli and Cabbage and any other cruciferous veggies... as they cause a considerable amount of gas for the poor little one!

And newest to our list? Watercress veggie. Why? He eventually went through 6 nappies in 90mins! Upon checking Wiki, it's diuretic and that left us with a very Cranky baby!!!

So another veggie unable to be consumed.

Of Manual Pumps:
We had initially bought Avent, but missus found out over time, that it caused her too much grief and it just wasn't working out. Heck, it was spilling and getting caught behind the petals for some unknown reason which was supposed to help as a gentle massager to pump out the milk. She ended up pinching out milk instead.

So, after some research, we decided to try Medela's Harmony manual pump...

And whaddayaknow... She was easily hitting past 30mls in record time when previously it would take her hours on end to reach that level on Avent as we found the suction to be much stronger and as such, drew out the milk better.

Now, am not saying that the Avent pump isn't good. It is. We love its support system, especially its 10 cups/lids system. Pity that isn't available for Medela.
However, different people will find it differently and thus, it would work for them better than for her...

Hope this helps for other Mothers and Fathers who are researching...

The End.

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