Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lunch @ Taste Two, Tawau

On the turn off to Giant, Tawau (if you're coming from the 'new' highway), there is this eatery; a Bar and Restaurant (depending on time that you visit).

As we were going to Giant, we decided to have our lunch there.
 Missus missed the Ice Kacang or rather haven't eaten it in a very long time that she ordered one. And found it pleasant enough... Not too sweet too, which is rather good.
 Unfortunately, we can't really remember my dish, but it was something called 'Sirloin Fried' ... It's actually deep fried beef. Sadly, there were 2 pieces that I couldn't eat as they were ... too tough.
 Ginger Fish. Missus found it acceptable.
 Chicken Rice set. This took forever to arrive. Luckily, our serving waitress was attentive and checked up on us when she realised that all else had arrived sans this.

So was it good? Seems worth it for the price of the chicken.
 All of the above rice sets came with Long Beans veggie, Acar and a small bowl of soup.

We had came here before, but this time, the soup didn't contain any condiments. Pity, as our last visit, we were mighty impressed. They must have run out!

You didn't think this was just all food, riiiiight??? :p
I leave it to your imagination...
The End.

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