Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dinner at Olive's, Tawau, Sabah

Let's take a break from all those baby pictures, shall we? Am sure you guys are sick and tired by now... he he

So we had a little makan at this Bistro called Olive's...

1st stop, the customary appetizer soup.
The Brushetta... Nice baked and crusted.
My drink called, the Gold Rush... Nice.
Tomato and Olive Brushetta.
Vegetarian Pizza. I always love these thin crusted pizza's... This is no exception!
Chicken and mushroom pizza. Another nice one.
Mushroom Pasta.
Turkey Ham Pasta. None really standout.
The piece the resistance were these deserts. Oh la la...

Lemon Cheese Cake. Lemon chopped pieces inside this cake. Whoaaaa...
Caramel Ice Cream but this one as you can see, is deep fried. Truly, the dish of the evening! Thumbs up.

We were very surprised with this dish!
Apple pie. Nothing grand. More impressed with the presentation that anything as you wouldn't expect this kinda thing in a simple Bistro! :p
The End.

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