Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Andrew at Week 4 3/4 and 5

Here we are with some more incremental updates...

Daddy, Mummy. Grandma: Don't I look cute???
So young and beginning to contemplate on the meaning of life...
 It's Hammer Time!!! Just not in black tho...
 So close, yet so far... One day... That is all going to fall ... down...!
 Andrew's 1st visit to church AND it's on Easter Day! :)

And getting blessed ... Twice with holy water. And managed to sleep through Monsignor's Nicholas fiery sermon. And in BM too!

Mummy, can you stop nagging!
 Remember those cute fingers and toes? Not so cute at Week 5 when you consider those razor sharp talons... Ouch!
 This is how I like to sleep now... don't be jealous ah!
The End.

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