Friday, March 8, 2013

Welcoming Little One...

Dear All,
It is my pleasure to inform that my dear baby son made his grand entrance on the 24th Feb @ 2132H; tipping the scales at 3.1kg.

Mother and son are doing fine in Sabah.

So here are the photos of that I managed to take while I was there.

 His webby feet... before it all started to peel!
 Getting his first bath with the  confinement lady.
 His many facial expressions

 What are you looking at #1
 What are you looking at #2 - can't a babe get some water without you snapping away my photo???
 Picture says it all...
 Father and son.
 Grandma and grandson
 We did a makeshift entertainment kit for him...
 And obviously he's quite fascinated!

 You really MUST take more photos of me???

 Is that a smile?
 The shirt says it all... and you have been warned. In fact, we also learned the hard way. While his initial 1st week bowel movement has been good, the same can't be said about it for the next week!

Reason? You gotta wait after you hear the 1st 'explosion' coz he will follow up with most probably another 2 rounds and if you're in the midst of changing his diaper/nappy, good luck being in the 'firing zone'!!!

Needles to say, Grandma, confinement lady and yours truly has had run in's with him... :)
Either that, or he just wanna have some fun.

So the advice? Wait for 10mins after the 1st explosion.
 Stretching away...
The End.

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