Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Andrew at Week 4

So here we are at Week 4. Wheeeeeee...
Still very serious. But that's coz he's concentrating on that ball held in front of him.
Which he eventually ignored.
And finally he is fixated when it's finally held right in front! :)
So young and already swatting?
Cute, yes?
Look who's more excited?
I'm cute and I know it! :)

What's this?
A cake? For what? Its a cake from Swan Cake House in Tawau, located just beside Millimewa Super Market in downtown Tawau.
Happy Birthday for who???
It's Andrew's Full Moon! That means he's 1 month old!!! Wheeeeeeeeee
A little helping hand there...
Baby and Father having a little Me time together.
Cute shirt. But there's a reason for it...
You see. It's Mummy and Baby's first day out. AND they need to go to the Clinic and get Andrew's first month jabs. And so, Mummy is preparing a little and snugly cocoon to carry dear baby.
Sigh. Even baby knows Oppa Gangnam Style!!! Unbelievable!
The End.

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