Friday, March 22, 2013

Andrew at Week 3 3/4, getting his bath, gripping and Bepanthen

Wow... Time has flown and yours truly is back with more baby pictures and update of his son's progress in our world!

1st: He's still not done giving you 'the look'...
 Getting his hair done. Obviously, none too happy and he certainly made his displeasure known!
 But after a while...
 Maybe not!
 Hmmmm... maybe there is hope for us that he might be a 'real' water baby???
 Yes dear. We are almost done!

 Gripping already? Oklaaaa. I cheated a bit. Placed the cage into his fingers. But you know what? He held on tight and then flung it!!!
Sadly, Andrew started getting rashes. And we in turn, use Bepanthen from Bayer to treat it. What was terrible and had him screaming in pain, after 12 hours, is all gone. Those red 'biting' like marks and spots have all but disappeared!

It's definitely oilier compared to Pureen's Nappy Cream, as obviously one is a cream and another is an ointment! It's odourless as well. Just... oily. Oh well.

The End.

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