Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chinese New Year Decorations - Pavilion KL, 2013

Since we chose not to go back to Penang this year, we decided to perform a little mall visiting!

So here we are at Pavilion KL... 

Last year, Pavilion had a really long Dragon put up in the Atrium/Concourse.
This year, it's outside and the main attraction are those lanterns; strung up from high above. Sadly, as we were there during the day time, you don't get to enjoy the night lights.
And just below or next to the lanterns are the 12 zodiac animals with a simple description for your year.
My dad happy with his.
Looking up.
So that was outside. Inside... you have this.
And this where the Dragon had occupied last year.
More lanterns for you.
Are you skill full enough to make this?
Looking up again.
Flowers, Carps... Just no performances!
In the shape of a golden coin.
Looking from high above.
How many 'Pavilions' can you spot? :)
Looking right across.
The End.

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