Friday, January 25, 2013

Sony Nex F3 with Pentax K Adapter

I got this off eBay (trust_digital2009) recently.

Sadly, my 1st copy never did arrived. Somebody must have curi it as this is the 1st time in all the years of me buying stuff off eBay to have failed.

Waited for 3 weeks and after communicating with the vendor, a 2nd copy was sent; which arrived 2 weeks thereafter.

And so now, am happy to use my FA50/1.4, FA100/3.5 and Tammy 28-75/2.8! And yes, all of them have manual aperture control... :)

The adapter itself

The lock for the K lens; it really does lock into place! Not too sure about the spring. Feels flimsy.

 The back that fits onto the Nex.
 FA50+Macro Adapter; The problem with aiming for the words is since the Nex will highlight stuff in white... How do you see? But it still turned out fine!
Handheld both; the lens AND the Nex to show that it's actually, not that heavy and to show you guys just how close the Sigma 30/2.8 blades are to the front glass!

Alien life form! Not!
Always wanted to try doing this... took a lot of trial and error... still learning!
The End.

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Anonymous said...

You can change the colour that the nex peaks on, you know!

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