Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas dinner @ Bukit Pantai

It's still Christmas! It hasn't officially ended yet! :)

We were invited last year to attend this Christmas party, but as we were in KK, we gave it a miss. And so this year, we went... With good food and a pleasant view, how not to miss?

So let's take a nice slow walk, shall we? It's going uphill!
Now, this is something you don't see regularly ... or rather, any more! So obviously, Dad was excited!
Missus adding some colour to the Christmas Tree!
Actually, this is a gathering for my Dad's current & past boss and colleagues in his workplace as well...
What's this? Have we discovered the primordial soup?
No laaaa... Just tadpoles and a lightsource. :)

So here's to 2012 from both of us...
Happy Christmas and Best Wishes to 2013!

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