Monday, December 31, 2012

Star Trek Exhibition - Pusat Sains Negara (National Science Center), PSN, Malaysia

 Oh... My... God! Star Trek? In MALAYSIA??? Well, yes, in conjunction (am guessing here) with PSN's 25th year, this has come in.

Yes, an exhibition showcasing costumes, props, sets, etc from across the different series which means, the TOS, TNG, Voyager, DS9 and not to mention even all of the movies; right up to the 2011 edition!
 In case you get lost, these signs on the floor will guide your Trek.
 Quite Entertaining too!

 And just next to the ticketing booths, is this entrance...
 Moi with the poster stand.
 Let's continue with the trivia, shall we?

 As we continued to trek our way towards the exhibition hall, you would have to pass by the atrium...

Unfortunately, some of them are repeated banners. Pity they didn't have any famous quotes from Voyager and DS9 (which I can think of a few!)
 Are you? :)
 And finally, the exhibition hall entrance which is right at the top of the building itself.
 Sadly, like the Harry Potter Exhibition that we went to in Singapore last September, photography isn't allowed... But I supposed for RM20, it's a steal.
 Because you can spend RM15 and immortalise yourself in the bridge of the NCC-1701 D!
And yes, the real deal that of the TNG set! Imagine placing your bum where Picard, Riker, Troi, Data and Crusher sat or standing where Worf would fire those Phasers or Photon torpedoes!

For more info, click here

So Boldly Go Where not much Malaysian had gone, and Engage those petrol/diesel engines to PSN and be prepared to be stunned by the amount of information coming from our Galaxy which compared to another isn't that far far away! :P

P/s - Just some additional notes.
a) If you are looking for memorabilia, there isn't much. Tumblers, Wall clock, Pizza cutter, Wine opening+accessories set, playing cards, t-shirts... It looked like they had run out and don't have any intention of replenishing the stock.
b) It isn't so much as hands on, but a visual feast. Again, pity about the photography part.
c) Did I mentioned it's ONLY RM20 for the whole exhibition???

End of Transmission.

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