Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mould / Fungus on your shower curtain? Here's a simple solution!

1st of all, this is NOT a product endorsement nor is it an advertisement! :)

Yours truly has 2 shower curtains in his house. And over time, things start growing on them.

As you can see below.
 Gross huh?
 Now, originally, I had used a foreign brand called Tilex, which is a form of bleach that one uses to clean bathroom tiles.

Unfortunately, as Tilex is foreign, it commands a premium price. And fortunately, not so long ago, I came across THIS.
 All you need to do, is to spray the solution onto the places that you want to clean, and buzz off for about 10mins.

Ta dah!

Once you spray and hose the solution off your curtain, it's best you air out your bathroom as it can stink up quite a fair bit! It contains Bleach. What do you expect???

This solution retails for around RM12 whilst the Tilex isn't sold everywhere and goes for around 15 and above...

So say hello to cleaner shower curtains! :)

The End.

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