Monday, December 3, 2012

Lego (Ferrari FXX and F40) - Shell Promotion

So here we are with another 2 from the recently released set.
1st up, the sum of all the FXX parts.
And after it's assembly...
Looking good in black!
When you have big fingers or feet as well (in my case!), and tiny stickers... yes, things get a little

Ah well, picture says it all!
The F40's turn.

Vroom vroom indeed!
Looks pretty fierce eh?
3 super cars.

The promotion has now changed. You can just walk in and purchase 1 car for RM12.90; provided you have a Bonuslink card. But you're still restricted to 1 set/day (I think).

Or pump in RM40 for V-Power and you get to buy a max of 3 at one go.

Oh! They also have mini figurines for sale. Haven't decided on those yet though... Maybe I'll get them last as both of us are more interested in Harry Potter, Star Wars and Pirates's minifigs. :)

The End.

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