Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Hobbit Gathering...

As many are aware (or unless you're living in some hole somewhere!), it's hard not to miss the hoopla surrounding one of the most anticipated films of 2012...

And as usual, with the hype that surrounds it, you can be sure my dear friends will want to be apart of it in some way...
No. No Orcs nor Goblins were harmed in the shooting of this picture.
Elf looking quite at home.
Dwarf obviously not! Looking to kill something/someone Thorin?
"Oh look, What's this? Where did it come from?"
Surely not from the fan, right?
Can it possibly be???
Elf and "Man" has always been chummy...
Surely that sword is wrong? There are no Goblins or Orcs here... Unless it's taken a perversion with me...
So who are we missing from the Middle Earth realm?
Elf chummy with Drawf? Stranger things have happened.
"Never did like that Elf!"
Elf's? Bah! Sissy things...
Surely can't be me.... right? RIGHT?
Bilbo trying to teach Thorin on the finer foods in life.
"I think..."
Too much to think.
Some weird things going around... especially when a Dwarf contemplates too...!
And needless to say, Bilbo's at lost as well.
"Oh well..."
Must be some disease. Even the Elf is contemplating...!
OR... must this "Man" ...
Still at lost are we?
Why not just be like Bilbo?

Now THIS is the good life!
Sorry, but you're gonna have to wait to next year for our continuing adventure...!
And with that, Bilbo bids you ... Adieu!
The End.

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Thorin said...

It is those blasted Mushrooms Saruman has been talking about! They are everywhere!

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