Friday, October 12, 2012

Singapore's Botanical Gardens feat Orchid Gardens

To get the the Botanical Gardens, one just hop onto the MRT and get off at THE Botanical Gardens stop. Simple. Right? Yes. Not unless you wanted to go to the Orchid Garden. 

From the CBD, it's about 30mins by MRT to the Botanical Garden stop as we got on @ Bras Basah,

10mins it says.
Yeah, right.
But thankfully along the way...
Still not there yet...
FINALLY there... after 30mins of slow walking.
Overview of the Orchid Garden and it's other sub collections.
Here's some Orchids' to welcome you.
Handheld on the F3 with a slow shutter in broad daylight isn't easy in the sense that it can get 'blown out' or overexpose as the shutter needs to stay open longer than usual. So manage the ISO, exposure and aperture for this.
Missus saying Hi.
Right. Orchids from here on. Enjoy...

'Look! I'm wearing an Orchid print too!"
Up close and personal from the Kit Lens. Not bad.

If you noticed by now, a lot of the pictures or rather the Orchids had water on them. No, they weren't my doing, but rather God who had decided that it should rain before we arrive there. Lucky, no?

One of the collection houses in the Orchid Garden.

My MIL thinking of using this as her umbrella...
Rain drops in a line...
Hey, a Pineapple!

Let's continue.

So how big can them Orchids go? You decide...
Colours #1
Colours #2
Colours #3
Colours #4

And finally, the most important reason of coming here:

So what is this VIP Orchid Garden then? Read the fine print or just scroll down and you'll figure it out...

Really. There ISN'T anything there but this... and you wonder...

Same with Mr Mandela... No flowers?
Right. The Orchid that has everyone's attention.

The entrance to the VIP Orchid Garden.
Lovely dear.
My MIL wishing this is all hers...

And we have gone one full circle.
On our way back to the MRT entrance, we came across this. What this is supposed to represent, I have no idea.
Butterflies... albeit metallic one.
Some reading materials.

Botanical Gardens gate.
Thanks for visiting my Garden! Come back again wouldn't you? :)
The End.

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