Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lego - Desert Skiff

Let's take a break from all that food binging and visiting and celebrate something that missus and I love dearly : LEGO's! :)

SO what's this?
Looked like some alien mouth piece!
Does this scene look familiar? Hint : Sarlacc Pit.
If not, roll back almost 20 years and remember a movie franchise that has 6 parts (up to now) ...
Are they having a Mexican Stand-Off? Or guarding something? Must be some contra bands hidden in the 'box' under Bobba's gun, which is able to open.

Anyway, what's cool is that now, we have Bobba and Lando minifigs. And Luke in Ep 6 livery.
Right, from above, the little plank that Luke stands on, swings out from under the craft (or skiff).
And as you can see below, and from the 3rd pic above, the skiff stands on transparent pieces that forms it's legs. Nice touch there so that it doesn't spoil the 'fun' of it but yet allows it to stand.

Oh, and it's 'wings' are able to 'move' too.
It's simple to construct, and doesn't take too long to put it together. Although, one might say that the Sarlacc Pit is huge compared to the skiff and all! Refer to the top pictures. Neither is the skiff huge. But then again, if it was, say 20% larger, it might have been a little bit more proportionate as it feels cramp to me.

Overall, it brings quite a few memories when constructing this and having a little fun with it!

The End.

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