Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Luv!

Missus recently celebrated her birthday. And since we have sort of become fans of Lavender's cakes, so I got her a Mascarpone Cheese Mango. If you're looking for cakes that aren't too sweet or filled with cream, etc, give Lavender cakes a go!

Visit Lavender. Available in 1U, Midvalley, etc...

 We both took the day off. So, decided to try something different, and ended up in Curve's Paddington House of Pancakes.
 As you can see, they are pancakes with a twist; not your usual pancakes served with Maple syrup only!

Word of caution: It's actually very filling as both of us were struggling to finish our meals!
 And what a surprise! Mini pancakes or Dollar Pancakes as they call it. Cute!
The End.

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