Monday, August 27, 2012

Lego - Queen Anne's Revenge

While we were in Down Under last year, we came across this and the Black Pearl. As we felt we were already overloaded with stuff, we ended up with just this. And yes, it was cheaper than KL by about 20% which made it all the more enticing!

And so, after many moons of slowly building this... it is finally done...
 Nice that our bed had a blue sheet and made it look like a sea!
 It's not so much as huge but... HIGH. It's a good 50cm++ tall. Hence, to place this into a cabinet, you might need to consider it's height.
 With the minifigs. Can you spot them? :)
 As usual, Jack getting himself into a spot of trouble while trying to save...
 Angelica looking non too worried.
 The look from the back.
One thing is certain: This is really cool!

Some notes to consider:
a) You only get 3 cannons. Pity, as having all of 'em lining the ship wouldn't have had more cool effect.
b) The sails are made of paper (obviously), so one has to be careful fixing them in. While it seems hardy, I had to be quite gentle with it (more out of fear, than anything else!)

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