Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sandakan ... Some food binging!

Yours truly, together with his missus, paid a recent visit to missus hometown. According to my archive of photos, it's been almost 4 years since I came here...

So, have a lot changed? Not really. Okay, it pretty much depends on where you are... But more on that some other time.

This is about food. So... erm... something different than the ordinary burgers that one finds in McD's or Burger King. 

This is called G Burger!
 Quite a selection too!
 So this is what we got, all lined up... with the fries (not as salty as ... others) to the right.
 I really cannot remember what I ordered as I know I was kinda knackered and slept a wee bit as yours truly has been working late nights prior to arriving here in SDK.
 Missus obviously couldn't resist the pineapple in her burger...
 Something that my brother in law ordered...
 Oh yeah, it ain't that big, btw. Think A & W size... But certainly very different from the norm.

Thereafter onwards is normal food, unless you count on eating Bak Kut Teh with seafood as different. It certainly is a very interesting experience as we peninsular folks are used with the Pork version.

And finally, as SDK is a seaside town, you obviously gotta have a go with a traditional Seafood Rice, right? :)
So the below comes from the very famous Sim Sim Seafood Restaurant.
And  ... something called Ikan Bakar, or Grilled Fish. This stall is located just off Sim Sim, in a small market. What makes this so grand is the combination of the grilled fish and ... THE sauce! Many grilled fish stalls/restaurant have failed this test!
The End.


Suyue said...

I'm Nichole.
After read from your food blog, the catchy words and pictures attracted me so much, where I decided to invite you to my hotel's Food Testing Day. Would you like to join us?

It is on 6th December 2012, 3pm at my working place, which Borneo Cove Hotel, Sandakan.

I was wanted to PM you abaout this, but I couldn't fing your contact no or email address, so i'll just let you know here.

Just for your information, food to be served on that day are free, where the menu is based on the first ever event that will be hold in my hotel soon.

News reporters and other famous food bloggers are attending to that event as well.

Hope to hear you soon, so that I can add you to my guests list.

Nichole (
Borneo Cove Hotel

kwan said...

Dear Nicole,
Thanks for the invite and its very pleasant of you to write here.

Unfortunately, I reside in Klang Valley and as such, will not be able to attend.

Hope all its good for your Food Testing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Kwan. does the G Burger a halal burger-restaurant? I'm a muslim foodie.


kwan said...

Hi Zeerah,
No. It's non-halal. Sorry.


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