Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sandakan Harbour, Four Points Sheraton & Pulau Berhala

And I'm back in Sandakan; a coastal town located in Sabah, my missus hometown. The last time I was here, that was 4 years ago and I remember seeing this town from up those hills in the backdrop in the below photo.

Now, I'm taking it from another angle. And why is that so?
You see, we decided to wonder around a hotel... a very newly opened hotel, located on the reclaimed land. Heck, 4 years ago, this place was all boarded up. So...

Now, where's my fruit juice or cola or fruit punch... :)
Oooooh... scary or lovely?
What's that guys?
Over the edge... okay, there's like a glass barrier, so if for some unknown reason you decided to swim onwards and drop down...
Having the good life, ladies?
In case you're wondering where those were taken from, it was at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel's swimming pool.

And not more than 5 mins away... you are reminded of the old world that you have left behind.

I guess my BIL decided to have a go as a cobbler?
Here's photos in B&W to celebrate the 'old charm' ... imagine stepping back into the 70's and...

And no, she ain't thinking of jumping! Nothing to be alarm here... move along!
Even here you can find... NOT!
Later on, we ended up on a cruise ride along Sandakan's harbour. But before that, a customary image of something else... gotta follow tradition maaaaaah! He he
No love boat there. Sorry.
Four Points from the jetty.
And out we go into the Sandakan Bay!
What's all this? Remember me eating some seafood rice? It's here... amongst one of these 'floating houses'. Care to guess which one?

Hint: All the way to the edge.

Anyway, this is known as Kampung Sim Sim.
This is one of the main reasons why we are here... to view this Island close up. This is called Pulau Berhala.
Looking back. You can easily spot Four Points.
One of the many cliff faces on the island.
And a nice cove/beach. But beware, for there are tons of... Jellyfish!
Another side of it.
Interesting change of colours, eh?
Missus and SIL happy to be out in the ocean... and somebody was trying very hard to spot her favourite animal...
Don't ask. Just don't ask...
If you were at the Island, this is what you'll be looking at.
My MIL enjoying her 'moment'.
See. Jellyfish. I warned you...
My BIL taking using his sisters as his models.
Coming back.
Criss crossing with a fishing boat.
Coming closer.
Lonely... I'm so lonely...
Is that rain..? And hey, where are we going??? The town's there!!!
I remember being up there in that temple 4 years ago!
Your hair looks fine, Aunty!
Why so serious?
Lights on!
Ah... Is this why we went by it just now?
Shot of the trip.
1 last shot.
The End.

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