Saturday, July 7, 2012

Putrajaya Floria 2012 - Magic Of The Night

I usually can't be bothered about this kind of stuff, but having to work late, I figured, why waste the opportunity, when it's just next door... in Putrajaya. What am i yakking about? Putrajaya's Floral Festival. 

Okay. It's night time. I ain't there for flowers. I'm there for something else...

But 1st, when you have a pleasant distraction... why not enjoy it?
 Now that's a mighty big mosque...
 The same bridge with different colours.
 Okay, now we're talking. What's that?
 Floats. Night floats. From China, Kenya, and quite a number of states from Malaysia.

1st up, China.
 It's that... naaaaaah... no supernatural happening here. Just dry ice being let out folks. Move along...
 Johor and is that a Lego Man?
 Ohhhhh. It's time to visit Lego Land come September 2012!!! Asia's 1st Lego Land!
 Negeri Sembilan.
 And what's special about this one? They are famous for their Minangkabau house.
 Now you don't see me...
 Now you do - Perak.

 Yours truly was standing quite far away from where most were situated. Initially, I was quite afraid that this hobby of mine might get me in trouble with unruly characters. Fortunately, I soon came to realise that where I was, was next to the organiser's relaxing tent; i.e. for their staff, et all. So that was fine.

Anyway, after heading towards the show area, they then head towards the bridge where I was and make a u-turn further down. Hence, you now spot them lining back up!
 But we're not done yet! Sarawak - the only float with ... live people!
 Putrajaya. Unfortunately, they didn't even bother to come close and sort of ... Jump Q and went back.
 Tourism Malaysia was even better. It just stayed at the staging area and never went anywhere else! Bah! Thank God I decided to bring my long zoom.
 All heading back down.
 I didn't get this the 1st time. Now I did. Malacca.
 All in front. So what are we waiting for? Show's over, right?
 THIS is what I'm waiting for...
 Fireworks! 5 mins worth.

The End.

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